The Rogue is a conduit for economic growth. Every year millions in revenue flow from rafting, fishing, and recreation into local businesses.


Wild and Scenic

 It is likely that increased federal protection of critical tributaries to the Wild Rogue would not only have positive short-run economic effects, but would further enhance the long-run economic benefits accruing to Josephine County and the State of Oregon.



Approximately 93% of guests on commercial rafting and fishing trips came from areas outside of southwestern Oregon and 72% came from outside of Oregon. Visitors to the Wild and Scenic Rogue accounted for three out of every four lodging guests in the local area during the four-month Wild Rogue permit season (May 15 through October 15).



River-based recreation on the Wild & Scenic Rogue River, which includes rafting, fishing, hiking, and jetboat tours, accounted for not less than $30 million in total economic output, including $15.4 million in personal income, and 445 full and part-time jobs.

Source: Regional Economic Impacts of Recreation on the Wild and Scenic Rogue River
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